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Welcome to Ra Messu-t Youth Development 

Ra Messu-t Youth Development, Inc. (RMYD), is a nonprofit youth service organization in Chicago, Illinois. It was incorporated in 2018 in the state of Illinois. We received our IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in late 2018.

About Us

We are an organization focused on cultivating the talents and skills of young children and their parents to achieve success in life. Our strategy is to use the African Empowerment Model (AEM) to culturally enrich and cultivate both children and young adults to maximize their life opportunities and to enrich the lives of others. We provide enriching support for parents seeking to bring the most out of their children. 


Our vision is to develop the natal talents, skills and life success of young minds  utilizing AEM through culturally and skill enriching activities. 


Our mission is to provide youth and young adults opportunities to learn, explore and develop their natal talents, while gaining critical skills for leadership, character, education, health, work and beyond.

Board of Directors

We have a diverse group of directors serving our community. CLICK HERE to read more about Ra Messu-t Youth Development Leadership.

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