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Please allow us to introduce you to a wonderful community program, Ra Messut-t Youth Development (RMYD) 2024 Summer Camp. RMYD summer camp's mission is to cultivate young minds for excellence and success by establishing a foundation in culture, academic enrichment and positive interaction for children ages 5-14 years old. This program focuses on the core life concepts of: Character, Respect, Education, Leadership, Health and Fitness, Teamwork, and Basic Life Skills. Components include quality mentoring, youth leadership training, daily academic and cultural enrichment, arts and crafts, recreational activities and fun field trips. During our summer program, the children will be provided a balanced breakfast & lunch.  Register Below!

Skills Mini-Camps:  African Drumming; Hip Hop; Hip Hop Break Dance; Chess; Modern and Jazz Dance; Modeling; Theater/Acting; Cheerleading/Pom-Pom; Canvas Art; Sports; Martial Arts (Capoeira); Technology; STEM Activities and much more.

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